sposa e matrimonio covid quarantena a Roma

Spose di Valentina will be on your side in these hard times. We will keep creating your dream dresses with love, quality and punctuality.
Here some answers to your questions:

I'd like to schedule an appointment:
We don't have an opening date yet, but we can add you on our list and we will contact you as soon as we can schedule your visit to our atelier.  We simply ask you to wear a mask and bring a maximum of 1 person with you.

I already purchased my dress but I moved the wedding day a few months ahead:
No problem, we will keep your dress in our atelier. We just ask you to schedule an appointment as soon as the shop is open again so we can make all the needed adjustments.

♥ I already purchased my dress but I moved the wedding to 2021:
You can still bring your dress home and we will offer the last modifications and dress cleaning (if necessary) right before the wedding. If your wedding is in Rome, Valentina will gladly assist you on the wedding day to add the final touches to your perfect look.

My new wedding date is in a very different season, what can I do?
We can make modifications to your dress to perfectly match every climate. We will also apply a 20% discount on all modifications.

Evening dresses purchases: what if I need to reschedule or cancel the event?
We can offer you a voucher equal to the amount of your dress that you can spend in our store.
If the event is postponed, we can still adjust your dress in case it does not fit you perfectly anymore with a 15% discount on our adjustment service.

♥♥♥ We would also like to offer you a new option:

We are offering our brides a 50 to 200 euros voucher to spend when the quarantine is over.
Don't miss this opportunity to add a new accessory to your wedding dress or to gift it and help our business in the most difficoult time!

Send us an email for details