disegnare abito da sposa personalizzato

Introducing the newest member of our team: YOU!

Your bridal dress design is the most important and difficoult choice about your wedding. Design, color and fabric must perfectly match your style, preference, personality and figure. 
Every little detail can dramatically change your final look. This is why we offer a complete customization of any wedding dress you purchase from our atelier in Rome, Italy. 

Our custom service begins with the bridal dress fitting test with a huge selection of different models and designs to better choose the style that enhances the aspects you want to show and represents you best.

At this point the bride can also feel and touch the different available fabrics.

disegnare abito da sposa personalizzato

Then we proceed with the creation of the very personal and unique custom design of your wedding dress.
Starting with your own style and ideas we will guide you with our experience trough every step of the creation of the perfect design that matches your figure, shape and personality with the latest bridal fashion design trends in mind.

disegnare abito da sposa personalizzato

All our wedding dresses are hand made in Italy and custom tailored with the utmost care for details.

Our exact measurement will guarantee the perfect fit of your wedding dress that will feel like a second skin to you.

Your ideas and dreams will meet our experience and taste to create the truly unique and personal dress of your dreams.

disegnare abito da sposa personalizzato

Come visit us in Rome, Italy and create a perfect masterpiece for your most special day!


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